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Welcome to the gift voucher shop, where you can make your loved ones happy!

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Check out the FAQ

Who are gift vouchers best for?


They are suitable for everyone and for a wide range of different occasions. Most of the time, they are given within the family and among friends.


What types of gift vouchers do you offer?


You can choose from vouchers for family photography, photography of pregnant women and newborns, photography of birthdays and cakes... in short, the choice is really wide. It is also possible to create a customized gift certificate. You say what you need, and we try to adapt.


Do you have different photo shoot packages to choose from?


That's right. Each type of photography has 2 or 3 different packages available. They differ in the content of the package and, consequently, the price. Our goal is to get as close as possible to your wishes.


Where do the photo shoots take place?


Everything is a matter of agreement. You can opt for studio photography. In this case, everything takes place in Jesenice. Or we can arrange for photography in nature. It is important to agree on this in advance, as not all packages contain all options.


What does a gift voucher look like?


The gift  voucher is packed in unique packaging and together with the dedication, it is packed for sending by post.


Where do you send the gift certificate?


We can send it to your address and give it yourself, or we can also send it to the recipient's address. So the surprise will be completely unexpected. 


How is the purchase?


After placing the online order, you will receive an invoice with the transfer information. After settlement of the obligation, the voucher will be sent to the agreed address. Quite simply. 


What payment methods do you have available?


Currently, the only possible payment method is bank transfer. We will expand the offer in the future.

Contact us

Nadica Petrova, s.p. Spodnji Plavž 13, 4270 Jesenice  
Phone: +38640971835

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