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Personal tutoring and courses

Mentoring is a process in which an experienced individual helps a younger person with his/her development and the process of directing and leading a young inexperienced person with advice and explanations.  


Well, that's the definition. Do you like it? We cannot completely agree with her. Mentoring to us represents joint creation, transfer of experience to mentoring participants, but it is definitely not conditioned by age. We learn throughout life. 


Together, we will review your previous work, determine what your goals and wishes are, and adjust the process accordingly. If you would like to improve your knowledge in the field of technique, composition, layout, or you just want new creative ideas, our mentoring programs will suit you. For more information, contact us.


Nadica Petrova

Nadica will bring the photo closer to you from the side of art. Together, you will rework the course of photography from the first click to photo processing, and terms such as composition and the golden ratio will no longer sound so terrible. Together, you will process the placement of the model, the choice of location and the course of the photo shoot. This way you will be able to find out what direction of photography you are interested in and develop your own style.

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Sašo Vavtar

Sašo is in charge of the technical aspect. He will introduce you to the photographic equipment and everything you will need on your journey. Together, you will process the differences between mirror-reflective and mirrorless systems.  It will explain the concepts related to equipment that  may sound very complicated at first and I advise you before buying suitable equipment. Together you will lay the foundations for a successful photographic journey. 

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Contact us

Nadica Petrova, s.p. Spodnji Plavž 13, 4270 Jesenice  
Phone: +38640971835

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