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Here you will find gift certificates, trainings, personalmentoring,..

Do you often wonder how you can easily, quickly and very uniquely make someone happy? We have a solution for you. 

We are wedding and family photographers who make many people happy with our photography.

We are very happy that you trust us, and for this very reason, we have created an ONLINE SHOP, which is intended for everyone who wants to get to know photography better, or who would like to give a gift to their loved ones. In the offer, you can find everything from gift vouchers, to personal mentoring and Lightroom pre-sets for photo processing. In short, there is something for everyone.

Below you can see the entire offer, in which you will find a gift for yourself or your loved one. Within each category you can find different packages. You are only one click away from the perfect gift. 

Gift vouchers

Vouchers are an ideal, unique gift that you can give to yourself or your loved ones. Life is full of small moments that are worth capturing. We offer various gift vouchers for various occasions. Choose yours!

Presets before-after

Presets make your photo look professional with one click. Presets are suitable for use with Adobe Lightroom.  Processed photos are ideal for use on social networks ... But why delay?

Personal mentoring

Are you at the beginning of your photography journey or do you just want to upgrade your knowledge?  To us, mentoring represents joint creation, passing on experience to mentoring participants, regardless of age. We learn throughout our whole life. Check when we have free appointments. 


Maternity photography

Are you still in doubt about what to choose?


You haven't decided yet whether you are interested in a gift certificate, a reset or mentoring? We invite you to view our gallery via the links below, which it will be easier for you to imagine how you will make yourself or your loved one happy. 


For any questions, we are of course also at your disposal viaphone or email. 


Family photography


Couples photography


Lifestyle newborn photography


Cakesmash photo shoot


Portrait photography


Mentoring and courses with experienced photographers

We are Nadica and Sašo. A young photographer who brought us together in life. Since we complement each other perfectly, joint creation is a joy for both of us. We are both perfectionists by nature and love details. We see photography as an art rather than an industry. But you have to take time for art. Only when we get to know each other well and you trust us with your wishes can we create memories together.

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