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Privacy policy



1.1  By registering on the website, you expressly agree to receive any notifications and communications in electronic form regarding the news of our services and events.


1.2 By agreeing to the general terms and conditions of business, as a user of the website, I allow Fotografske storitve Nadica Petrova, s.p.(hereinafter the controller) informs about news, novelties and campaigns by e-mail.


1.3  If you want to unsubscribe from notifications, you can only do so within the sent email or via the email address


2.1 Personal data (name and surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number and information about the ordered product) are processed by the administrator only for the following purposes:

  • to keep records of participants in the operator's events, including records of how many events (and which ones) an individual attended,

  • for keeping records of buyers of products and services published on the website,

  • to send e-mail messages (news) with the purpose of informing about trainings, new products, new content on the website, services or events within the company or events in which the mentioned company participates in any way or recommends it, 

  • to review the e-mail messages sent, which the individual opened or did not open, which links he opened or clicked (what content he read or viewed), how long he spent reading or viewing individual content;

  • for segmenting individuals based on the facts from the previous paragraph and further sending customized (individualized) e-mail messages (that is, different individuals can receive e-mail messages with different content) with the aim of better (more relevant) information to individuals and achieving a higher level responsiveness to sent e-mail messages;

  • for the purposes of analyzing the life path of the user on the website from where the user came to the website (traffic source), to monitor the stay on the website, which websites he visited, which contents he downloaded or viewed.  

2.2 The entire analysis and management of the data is only for the internal records of the company Photography services Nadica Petrova, s.p. and is not forwarded for use or inspection to third parties.


2.3 The manager will protect the obtained data and prevent their misuse. Personal data will only be used for the aforementioned purposes and  for which the user has given his consent. The controller undertakes to keep the collected data only for as long as is absolutely necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected and processed. After the termination of the need to manage personal data or based on the written cancellation of the user (to the e-mail address:, the data is deleted or the data carriers are destroyed.

2.4  Users have the right to request a change or deletion of their personal data at any time in person or via the e-mail address Data requested for deletion will be removed as soon as possible. After the deletion process has been completed, the user will be notified of this via e-mail.

2.5  By accepting the described general business conditions, the user confirms that he is aware of and agrees that the operator has the right to view, copy, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data relating to him, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act .

2.6 In case of additional questions, the user can contact us at any time at the email address We will answer him as soon as possible.



3.1  The provided data, entered during registration or signing up for e-newsletters, will be used exclusively to inform users about new features of our services, upcoming events, and to prepare various anonymous statistical analyzes necessary to improve the user experience.


3.2  In the Company Fotografske storitve Nadica Petrova, s.p.  we are also aware of the responsibility of handling personal data, therefore we store, manage, maintain and control all data obtained in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the General EU Regulation on data protection. In this way, we guarantee the following rights to the individual whose personal data we process:

Confirmation of whether personal data is being processed in relation to it and, if so, access to personal data and the following information:

  • Processing purposes;

  • Types of personal data concerned;

  • Users or categories of users to whom personal data has been or will be disclosed, in particular users in third countries or international organizations;

  • The period of retention of personal data or, if this is not possible, the criteria used to determine this period;

  • Existence of automated decision-making, including profiling;

  • Reasons for processing as well as the meaning and intended consequences of such processing for the individual;

  • One copy of personal data in electronic form (free of charge);

  • In the event that an individual requests additional copies, the controller may charge a reasonable fee, taking account of the costs

Limitation of processing when:

  • The individual to whom the personal data relates disputes the accuracy of the data, namely for a period that allows the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data;

  • If the processing is illegal and the data subject objects to the deletion of the personal data and instead requests the restriction of their use;

  • The controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing, but the individual to whom the personal data relates needs them to assert, implement or defend legal claims;

  • Correction of incorrect or incorrect personal data;

  • Deletion of all personal data on the basis of the fulfilled conditions of Article 17 of the General Regulation, even more precisely, if the individual to whom the personal data relates revokes the consent on the basis of which the processing of personal data takes place;

  • The data subject has the right to receive the personal data concerning him/her held by the controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form, and the right to transmit this data to another controller without was hindered by the controller to whom the personal data was provided;

  • Cancellation of use of personal data for direct marketing purposes, including profiling;

  • The data subject has the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which has legal effects in relation to him or similarly significantly affects him in accordance with Article 22 General regulations on the protection of personal data.


4.1  I am informed that all the above-mentioned requests concerning the exercise of rights in relation to personal data can be addressed to the e-mail address

I am informed that for the purposes of reliable identification, in the case of exercising rights in relation to personal data, the administrator may request additional information from me, and may refuse to take action only if it proves that it cannot reliably identify me.

4.2  I am informed that the controller must respond to my request, with which I exercise my rights in relation to the above-mentioned personal data, without undue delay and at the latest within one month of receiving the request.


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