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General terms and conditions of the photography service Nadica Petrova, s.p.



1.1 Infinity Photography is the name under which the photographer Nadica Petrova (hereinafter the photographer) works, registered to carry out photography activities through s.p. The photographer specializes in wedding photography, pregnant women, newborns, toddlers and families. All published content on the website, including photographs, is the property of Nadic Petrova and is copyrighted. Copying and publishing these works for commercial purposes is prohibited.


1.2 Photography takes place by prior agreement via email, by filling out the form on the website, via the social network Facebook or by phone at 040-971-835. 1.3 By making a reservation, you confirm , that you have viewed the photos on the website and are familiar with the offer. The photographer reserves the right to postpone the photo shoot due to illness, bad weather or other unforeseen events.




2.1 Written consent must be signed prior to photography for the protection of the company, safety and/or the minors of your child. On the day of the photo shoot, we will also ask you to sign a written consent in case the photos are published on the social network Facebook or Instagram and on the website, which will be exclusively for the promotional purposes of Infinity Photography.




3.1 We want to ensure the safety of your newborn, toddler or family during the entire photo shoot. The presence of parents or legal representatives who take full responsibility for the safety of their children.


3.2 Parents are allowed to participate in the photography and help the photographers, if this is the wish of the customer.




4.1 By ordering the photography service, the customer undertakes to be familiar with the implementation, price, deadline and date of payment, after which they will confirm that they agree to the general terms and conditions and sign the cooperation agreement.


4.2 It is considered that an undertaking contract has been concluded by ordering the photography service from the photographer Nadica Petrova after becoming familiar with the execution, price, deadline and date of payment. The prices of the services are published in the price list, which you receive upon request and which we forward to you via e-mail. After the photo shoot, the customer receives an invoice by mail or e-mail. The service provided and the price of the service are indicated on the invoice. Payment must be made no later than 8 days after receipt of the invoice. The following payment methods are possible: transfer to TRR account: SI56 opened at Delavska hranilnica d.d. Discounts are not cumulative. The discount does not apply to promotional prices. The discount only applies to the price of the package photography.




5.1 After taking the photos, Infinity Photography will select the best from the photos taken and process them on a computer, and then deliver the photos and the agreed products to the customer after the agreed time. The customer receives the photos in digital format and/or on portable media by mail, together with the previously agreed content. You will receive the photos within 14 - 30 days after taking the photos, but the deadline for the delivery of photo books and other printed products is variable or depends on the date of our order and the estimated delivery time of the printing company.


5.2 Photographers are not responsible for exceeding deadlines in the event of force majeure or sudden illness. By placing an order, you agree that you have fully read and understood the product descriptions listed in the price list. After the service has been completed, the customer can give his opinion about the service on the FB/Infinity Photography social network or on the website, where, in case of agreement, the opinion will be published on the website If you do not want it, we will not add your personal name or personal name to the opinion your child's name.




6.1 The photographer performs photography at home and in nature, for which travel expenses are charged, which are agreed with the customer before the performance of the photography service. We do not take standard mileage for travel expenses.




7.1 If you receive a gift voucher upon receiving the photos or if you received the voucher as a gift, you can only use it until the date indicated on the voucher. Appointment booking is required at least 30 days before the voucher expires, the photographer is not responsible for late bookings. It is not possible to exchange the voucher for cash. If the voucher has a designated beneficiary, the latter can use the voucher, which means that it is not transferable to another family member, parent or legal representative.


7.2 Discounts are not cumulative. The discount does not apply to promotional prices. The discount applies only to the price or package indicated on the voucher and not to other services (photos, photo book, other products), unless explicitly stated otherwise on the voucher.




8.1 The photographer assigns part of the material copyright to the client upon payment of the service, namely the right to reproduce the photos for non-commercial use, but reserves the right to publish the photos for marketing purposes on social networks and publish references on the website


8.2 The customer is allowed to save photos in electronic form and the right to publish photos in public (publication on social networks, print media, etc.). In the case of commercial publication, the customer is obliged to inform the photographer, and in any case, when sharing photos on social networks, mention Infinity Photography with the label "©". If photographs are shared by the customer for commercial purposes, the customer must obtain the prior written consent of Infinity Photography.




9.1 In the event of force majeure (hardware failure, theft of photographic equipment, accidental destruction of photographic equipment) that occurs during photography, photo processing or during photo distribution, resulting in the customer not being able to receive the photos, the photographers are not responsible for the loss of the original photos taken, however, they undertake to reimburse the customer the amount paid for the photography service.


9.2 After distributing the photos to the USB key and/or after receiving the photos, the customer is responsible for the photos and their storage. Infinitiy Photography will retain the originals for the next 14 days after sending/receiving the photos, but is not responsible for your loss/destruction of the USB key. We recommend that you save your photos on a disk and/or on an additional USB/CD.


9.3 If the photographer is unable to perform the ordered service due to unforeseen events (illness, death in the family, other health problems), he is obliged to reschedule the photo shoot to another date that suits both the client and the service provider. 9.4 In the event of accidental or intentional destruction of photographic and/or equipment caused by the customer on the day of the photo shoot, the latter is obliged to replace all destroyed photographic and/or hardware at the prices then current on the market for destroyed products. The same also applies if the person responsible for malicious damage cannot be found on the day of the ordered service. Our photographic and hardware equipment is our only source of survival, and at the same time, we are obliged to provide the product to clients before and after you.




10.1 The photographer will fulfill the client's expectations to the best of her ability and take into account your wishes when taking photos. However, since each photograph is the result of one's own knowledge and current creativity, Infinity Photography does not allow complaints about the composition and technique of the photographs. The selection of the most beautiful photos and their processing is also a subject of our artistic inspiration, so we do not send additional and/or unprocessed photos (RAWs), as they are not considered the final product. We also do not allow the review and/or own selection of raw photos, and we do not charge for this service under any circumstances. The price includes only one revision.


10.2 The photographer independently chooses the number of photos that the customer receives, but undertakes that the number of photos will be in the range indicated on the ordered package.


10.3 The photographer and the client agree to resolve all disputes arising from their subscription relationship amicably. If the solution to the possible dispute is not reached by agreement, the disputed matters shall be settled by the competent court.




11.1 General business conditions are published on the website Individuals and parents or By reserving a photography service at Infinity Photography and by signing the cooperation agreement, legal representatives of children undertake that they have read the General Terms and Conditions, are familiar with them and undertake to respect them.


11.2 Photographer Nadica Petrova reserves the right to change the general conditions of business at any time.


We have put together a tentative price list because the wishes of the customers vary. The price list is valid from February 1, 2020. All prices are in EUR. We reserve the right to change.


By clicking onHERE, you can also read the privacy policy of Fotografske storitve Nadica Petrova, s.p.

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